Thursday, 6 April 2017

TripAdvisor - You simply won't believe how unique this is!"

This is like no hotel you have ever seen or are ever likely to see-it is that good and unique, trust me!
It is perfectly/cleverly built into and around a rock/face, right on the sea-and by that I mean out the door and onto the beach!
The top floor at surrounding ground level is a 5 star reception, bar, indoor restaurant, outdoor restaurant and relaxing area and so much more.
Above that are floors of 5 star rooms - I had a suite at the top and it was worth every penny just for the views of the beach from height.
Down stairs from the reception floor is a sports centre, access to the hotel swimming pool and so much more.
Down stairs again is a sunning outdoor lounge area and a few steps onto the beach-remember your room key as this gets you back off the beach through the gate to the hotel which closes behind you,
Altogether too many superlatives needed to adequately describe the views from each floor and many rooms.
You just could not get any closer to the see-a dream hotel for sun and sand.

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