Journeying towards sustainability - Next Workshop - 10th January, 2015

Educational Meltdown and Alternative Schools 

Time: 15:00-17:00 
Language: English 
Overview: Since the first schools started, education has been evolving and we are now faced with a myriad of sometimes confusing choices on how to educate our children. This talk looks at where the present conventional system may fail us, and the alternative education schools cropping up that include environmental awareness and sustainability in their teaching policy. Come and meet new and likeminded people in a learning and sharing atmosphere. 

Despite existing a suggested donation for attending of 10 Euros this is not restrictive if you cannot afford paying that; just come anyway; your presence is what counts! And maybe as an exchange you can help us for 2h in our farm or other. The collected donations will support upcoming events and 10% will proceed to the Peta Birch Community Association (a registered Charity that helps children and animals in the Algarve). 

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