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Medieval Experience

Barbeque menu for this Saturday - 3rd August, 2013 - Eat as much as you can.....

Fatacil - Lagoa - 16-25th August

VIew from Bar Boa Vista - 11.00am this morning

Review Raj Indian Restaurant - "Very good value"

“Looking forward to August”

The Great Christmas and New Year Challenge - 10th Year

“Great hotel. Best we have stayed in in Algarve.”

Enjoy a relaxing week of sunshine and golf

The view this morning at 9.00am

The beach today - 1.15pm

HolidayCheck Quality Selection 2013

Raj Indian Restaurant on TripAdvisor

"Fully deserves its recent Trip Advisor Award"

"I Summer Fit" - 13th July - Armação de Pêra

TripAdvisor - Relaxing Holiday

Diving in Armação de Pêra

Super Stars World 2013 - Portimão - 19th - 21st July, 2013

Summer Barbeque Nights - Holiday Inn Algarve

Snail Festival in nearby Porches - Starts today - 3rd - 7th July, 2013

"Brilliant Stay” - TripAdvisor

11th Convent Confectionary Show - Lagoa - 17th to 21st July, 2013

Silves Medieval Fair - 2nd to 11th August, 2013

Raj Indian Restaurant - July Promotion

Pop Up Gallery - 12th-16th July, 2013