Travel Bloggers to Rally in the Holiday Inn Algarve, Armação de Pêra next March

“Join us for the inaugural offering of Travel Bloggers Rally Algarve where committed travel bloggers and writers learn, discover and have fun in order to improve at their craft.” That’s our invitation to this new group of professionals who are rapidly changing the face of travel writing and journalism.

Travel Bloggers Rally – Algarve …unique learning in a unique place will be held March 15, 16 & 17, 2013 at the Holiday Inn Algarve in Armação de Pêra with a focus on the key issues travel bloggers deal with daily: Motivation, Maintenance and Money.
The purpose of TBRA is to not only provide skill building information to travel bloggers but to offer many opportunities for networking, deepening relationships with other bloggers and to discover the beauty of the Algarve, its culture and its people. For sponsors it is a great opportunity to support increased coverage of the area and to bring more visitors to the region. Algarve based travel bloggers are invited to join international participants by offering pre & post conference tours of ‘off the beaten track’ Algarve so that its richness gets highlighted and deep connections are established. 

We call ourselves a Rally for a very specific reason: Rallys are highly interactive, participant driven experiences. And that’s what TBRA is about, highly interactive participant experiences. We’ve invited 3 of the world’s top travel bloggers to offer informative, inspirational and provocative plenary sessions. Participants will then get to set each day’s agenda that focuses on their personal travel blogging issues, challenges and successes. Truly … unique learning in a unique place.

Our keynote speakers are:

Evelyn Hannon, Journeywoman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Evelyn’s Journeywoman monthly travel tips newsletter is read by 65,000 woman worldwide, her website receives over 1M hits annually and she has 21,000 Twitter followers. Evelyn is our Motivation expert.

Andy Jarosz, 501 Places, London, England. Andy is one of Britain’s leading travel bloggers and travel writers. Andy blogs for National Geographic Traveller and many other top travel organizations. He has 13,500 Twitter followers. Andy is our Money expert.

Zoe Dawes, The Quirky Traveller, The Lake District, England. Zoe was 2011’s Best Blogger in Britain. Besides her own blog, Zoe offers writing training services. She has 9,000 Twitter followers. Zoe is our Maintenance expert. She’ll also offer a post Rally travel writing workshop.

More information about Travel Bloggers Rally Algarve, its agenda, keynote speakers and event hotel is available at


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