Friday, 27 March 2009

A Wonderful Week

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Subject: A wonderful week
To:- Jane and Helen.

Myself, Martin and Dave would just like to say thank you very much for a wonderful week, The weather was good the golf great, and the help and service you and the Garbe staff gave us was brilliant.

Once again thank you.

David, Martin and Dave

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Honeymoon at the Hotel Garbe

Armacao de Pera is the ideal place for a honeymoon.

At the Hotel Garbe we offer the following package:-
· Accommodation in a sea view Junior Suite
· Welcome Bottle of Port wine
· Breakfast in the room with Sparkling wine
· Romantic Dinner for two

Enjoy the romantic Sunsets
For more information or to book, please e-mail:

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Free Golf Clubs

Between May and October, 2009, three airlines are offering the possibility to golfers visiting the Algarve to bring their clubs free.

This initiative has been organised by the Algarve Tourism Association in conjunction with Faro Airport,, Monarch and Thomson Airways.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Royal British Legion March Lunch

Royal British Legion lunch which took place today.

The Algarve Sub-Branch now has a membership of 150 and meets the 3rd. Wednesday of every month at Hotel Garbe for lunch.
All visiting RBL members are welcome and please join us in the Bar for pre-lunch drinks at mid-day. For more information please contact Mr. Peter Wilkinson at More photos can be seen here

Thursday, 12 March 2009

The Traditional Algarve House

Being marked with a powerful Moorish influence, various features are commonly found in most Algarve houses, giving the region its quite distinctive face.

Common to all houses, and one of the great prides of their owners, is the whiteness of the buildings’ walls. Not only is this an effective means of reflecting back the bright light and heat of the summer sun, but the limewash of the walls is also frequently reapplied as it represents a symbol of cleanliness and pride.

Contrasting with the purity of the white are the green, blue and ochre borders painted around the doors and windows. The architectural details vary depending on the region and location, with the key differences being noted between the houses built in the hills, those of the inland plains and those built along the coast.

In the Serra do Caldeirão, the traditional houses were built of stone or local clays, being circular in shape and surmounted by a cone-shaped thatched roof. More recent constructions now have a rectangular format and are made from schist and red sandstone.

In the hills of Serra de Monchique, houses are built out of blocks of cut granite, giving the region a particular dark greyish tone.

Down on the plains, the typical house of the central part of the Algarve is small in size and built out of limewashed stone, with roofs that are covered with either Moorish or Portuguese-style tiles surmounted by narrow, but finely carved and patterned chimneys.

Along the coast, houses tend to be built in several storeys with roofs that are accessed by outside staircases leading up to a terrace from which the boats can be seen returning to the harbour at the end of a day’s fishing.

A characteristic feature of the coastal residences, the Moorish-influenced roof terrace is a place where a little cool and rest can be sought, but it is also used to dry the figs, almonds and corn. Being both useful and highly decorative, the fascias protect the terraces and complete the main facades, taking on different geometrical shapes and brightening the houses with a wide range of different colours.
As far as the chimneys are concerned, these are the very symbol of the Algarve region, for they are found on all the houses and are always finely carved and patterned.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Fiesa, 2009 - Pêra,

Fiesa - the International Sand Sculptures Festival will be held in Pera from 22nd May until 22nd October 2009.

It is the only event of its kind in the Iberian peninsula and given its dimensions is the largest in the world.

Each year the festival is dedicated to a different theme. It occupies an area of 15,000 square metres and showcases the skilful and intricate work of artists of various nationalities. In preparation for the festival the artists shape over 35,000 tons of sand during a one month period!

During the day the sculptures can be admired in all their infinite detail and at night there is a varied programme of live music, theatre, dance and circus acts.

More information:

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Monday, 9 March 2009

Recipes from the Algarve - Caldeirada


1,5 kg mixed fish
1kg ripe tomatoes
1,5 dl olive oil
700 g potatos
3 larges onions
3 cloves of garlic
1 green peper
1 glass of white wine
parsley, pepper, 1 bay leaf


Prepare the fish. Cut in to pieces or slices depending on the type of fish and add salt.

Place the fish in a saucepan in layers, with the onions, tomatoes and potatos (cut in to thick slices) strips of green pepper and chopped garlice between each layer.

Add the white wine, the parsley and bay leaf.

Season with pepper, and cook over a low heat. It will be ready about 30 minutes after it comes to the boil.

Other Recipes from the Algarve

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Calendar of Events

Events in the Hotel
Saturday, 20th June, 2009 - APAA Indian Barbeque

Events in the nearby area
22nd May - 22nd October - FIESA – International Sand Sculptures
5th-8th August - Festival Rock One, 2009
8th - 16th August - Medieval Fair in Silves
Sunday 9th August - Religious Procession in honour of “Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes” in Armação de Pêra through the village and by boat.
29th August - White Night - Loule

Thursday, 5 March 2009

16th Traditional Sausage Fair of the Serra de Monchique

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March, 2009

Devoted to one of Monchique's choice gastronomic products, the exclusive sausages which are made from black pig and cured according to the traditional methods of the region.

Apart from sausages, the event offers all visitors the chance to savour the true taste of tradition with the excellent medronho, brand and honey from the region.

Some of the typical local restaurants prepare plates of “cozido” – boiled chickpeas, beans or corn with a selection of meats and maize-meal

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Coming - Creative Writing Workshop

Friday, 14th and Saturday, 15th March

This workshop consists of two half day sessions.

Why attend a writing workshop?

Ask anyone who enjoys writing and they will tell you that as soon as they see one advertised they have their name down. They are certain in the knowledge that either the person holdingthe event or someone attending it will share something that will be useful to their skills.

Novices will benefit the most and those who come out of sheer curiosity to find out what creative writing is all about come away wondering why they never went before. Being able to express your innermost feelings, emotions and even fantasies in this creative form can open up whole new vistas in anybody’s life. It can be cathartic and soothing to ones innermost being just to be able to write down dreams or memories before they fade away and are lost forever.

Join Jenny Grainer on a practical and fun course of creative writing and widen your imaginative skills.Write down the history of your family or try children’s stories – is there a novel in you or some practical articles on a subject you know well?

There is a market for all subjects – come and discover yours. - €:65.00 per person

Don't miss it - for more information or to book tel: 282 320260 or send e-mail to:

Sunday, 1 March 2009

What's On - March, 2009

Sunday, 1st March - Carlos Pontes – Music For Dancing
Monday, 2nd March - Folk Dancing – Folk Dancers –9.30.Pm
Tuesday, 3rd March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Wednesday, 4th March - - João Caracol - Music For Dancing
Thursday, 5th March - Ilze – Singer
Friday, 6th March –Dance Lessons – 11.00am
Friday, 6th March - Xico – Guitar Player
Saturday 7th March - Sandra & Jorge- Music For Dancing
Monday 9th March - Sing-A-Long With Rita – 9.00.Pm
Monday, 9th March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Tuesday, 10th March - Arte Viva - Music For Dancing
Wednesday,11th March - João Caracol - Music For Dancing
Thursday, 12th March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Friday, 13th March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Saturday, 14th March - Sandra & Jorge- Music For Dancing
Sunday, 15th March - Carlos Pontes – Music For Dancing
Monday,16th March - Folk Dancing – Folk Dancers –9.30.Pm
Tuesday, 17th March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Wednesday,18th March February - João Caracol - Music For Dancing
Thursday, 19th March - Ilze – Singer
Friday, 20th March - Xico – Guitar Player
Saturday, 21st March - Sandra & Jorge - Music For Dancing
Monday,23rd March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Tuesday, 24th March - Arte Viva - Music For Dancing
Wednesday, 25th March - João Caracol - Music For Dancing
Thursday, 26th March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Friday, 27th March - Nuno - Resident Organist
Saturday, 28th March - Sandra & Jorge- Music For Dancing
Sunday, 29th March - Carlos Pontes – Music For Dancing
Monday, 30th March - Sing-A-Long With Rita – 9.00.Pm
Monday, 30th March - Folk Dancing – Folk Dancers –9.30.Pm
Tuesday, 31st March - Nuno - Resident Organist

Mondays - 9.30hrs Pilates - Advance Class – Chelb Room
Wednesday Evenings - 6.00pm - Silver Exhibition - Reception Area
Thursday Evenings - 6.00pm - Pearl Exhibition - Reception Area
Fridays – 9.30am - Pilates - Advance Class - Chelb Room
Fridays – 7.30pm - Bridge Millenium - Chelb Room
Saturdays – 1.45.Pm - Bridge - Chelb Room
Sunday Evenings - 6.00pm - Silver Exhibition - Reception Area

Bar “Boa Vista” - Happy Hour - 40% - Every Day From 6.00 To 8.00pm

The Facilities And Entertainment Featured May Change Without Notice