Friday, 29 February 2008

What's On in March

Bar “Boa Vista” – 9.00pm
Saturday, 1st March 2008 - Sandra & Jorge- Music For Dancing
Sunday, 2nd March 2008 - Carlos Pontes - Music For Dancing
Monday, 3rd March 2008 - Folklore Dancers – 9.30pm
Tuesday,4th March 2008 - Nuno - Resident Organist
Wednesday, 5th March 2008 - João Caracol - Music For Dancing
Thursday, 6th March 2008 - Ilze - Singer
Friday, 7th March 2008 - Xico - Guitar Player
Saturday, 8th March 2008 - Nuno - Resident Organist
Sunday, 9th March 2008 - Presumed Innocent - Dancers
Monday, 10th March 2008 - Nuno - Resident Organist
Tuesday 11th March 2008 - Arte Viva - Music For Dancing
Wednesday, 12th March 2008 - Nuno - Resident Organist
Thursday, 13th March 2008 - The Kotland Trio - Music For Dancing
Friday, 14th March 2008 - Xico - Guitar Player
Saturday, 15th March 2008 - Sandra & Jorge- Music For Dancing
Sunday, 16th March 2008 - Carlos Pontes - Music For Dancing
Monday, 17th March 2008 - Folklore Dancers – 9.30pm
Tuesday, 18th March 2008 - Nuno - Resident Organist
Wednesday, 19th March 2008 - João Caracol - Music For Dancing
Thursday, 20th March 2008 - Ilze - Singer
Friday, 21st March 2008 - Xico - Guitar Player
Saturday, 22rd March 2008 –Sandra & Jorge- Music For Dancing
Sunday, 23rd March 2008 - Presumed Innocent - Dancers
Monday24th March 2008 - Nuno - Resident Organist
Tuesday 25th March 2008 - Arte Viva - Music For Dancing
Wednesday, 26th March 2008 - Nuno - Resident Organist
Thursday, 27th March 2008 - The Kotland Trio - Music For Dancing
Friday, 28th March 2008 - Xico - Guitar Player
Saturday, 29th March 2008 - Sandra & Jorge- Music For Dancing
Sunday, 30th March 2008 - Carlos Pontes - Music For Dancing
Monday, 31st March 2008 - Folklore Dancers – 9.30pm

Happy Hour Every Day From 6.00 To 8.00pm

Mondays –9.30am - Pilates - Advance Class – Chelb Room

Mondays –11.00am - Pilates – Beginners Class – Chelb Room

Wednesday Evenings - 6.00pm - Silver Exhibition - Reception Area

Fridays – 9.30am - Pilates - Advance Class - Chelb Room

Fridays – 11.00am - Pilates - Beginners Class - Chelb Room

Fridays – 7.30pm – Duplicate Bridge - Chelb Room

Saturdays – 2.00pm – Social Bridge - Chelb Room

Sunday Evenings - 6.00pm - Silver Exhibition - Reception Area

Mondays – 11.00am- 1.00pm - Middle Eastern Advanced Dancing Class (3rd March 2008)
Mondays –2.00pm-4.00pm – Middle Eastern Beginners Dancing Class (3rd March 2008)

The Facilities And Entertainment Featured May Change Without Notice

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Creative Writing Workshop - 28th and 29th March

This workshop consists of two half day sessions.

Why attend a writing workshop?

Ask anyone who enjoys writing and they will tell you that as soon as they see one advertised they have their name down. They are certain in the knowledge that either the person holding the event or someone attending it will share something that will be useful to their skills. Novices will benefit the most and those who come out of sheer curiosity to find out what creative writing is all about come away wondering why they never went before. Being able to express your innermost feelings, emotions and even fantasies in this creative form can open up whole new vistas in anybody’s life. It can be cathartic and soothing to ones innermost being just to be able to write down dreams or memories before they fade away and are lost forever.

Join Jenny Grainer on a practical and fun course of creative writing and widen your imaginative skills. Write down the history of your family or try children’s stories – is there a novel in you or some practical articles on a subject you know well?

There is a market for all subjects – come and discover yours. €:65.00

Don't miss it - for more information or to book tel: 282 320260 or send e-mail to:

Friday, 22 February 2008

AFPOP Coffee Meeting - contributed


THANK YOU to the Hotel Garbe for enabling me to start my area off on a positive footing.

As several of my visitors mentioned, nearly all the ex-pats know the Garbe and thought our first meeting place was a useful one! Also most people have booked the evening meal here at the Hotel Garbe on 28th February

I’m looking forward to seeing more members from the NEW Area at either the dinner on 28th February and/or our last coffee morning on 27th February. Coffee meeting - 27th February - 11am to 3pm
Dinner - 7 for 7.30pm 28th February

(If you are coming to the meal please book with me by email /or phone. The hotel need to know numbers)

All info in the “update” Jan/Feb edition.

Carole Fairs
Phone 282 312 079
Mob 966 571 639

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lunch Yesterday

A few photographs from this months of The Royal British Legion lunch which took place on Wednesday. The Algarve Sub-Branch now has a membership of 150 and meets the 3rd. Wednesday of every month at Hotel Garbe for lunch.
All visiting RBL members are welcome and please join us in the Bar for pre-lunch drinks at mid-day.

For more information please contact Mr. Peter Wilkinson at

Pumpkin and White Bean Soup

Medallions of Hake with Pear

Stroganoff with Rice

Assorted Cold Meat

Buffet Salad

Buffet Dessert

Click here for more photographs.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Coming Up - Introduction to Portuguese Wine

Monday, 10th and Tuesday, 11th March, 2008

This course consists of two 4 hour sessions including lunch giving an excellent opportunity to combine the wines with food.

Wine experts now agree that the quality of Portuguese wines have vastly improved over the last decade. Come and decide for yourself.

Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur this course is for you. All we ask is that you like wine - in moderation of course - and that you want to enjoy learning more about the subject.

A team of wine buffs from WineMine, an established local wine company, will guide you through the finer points of Portuguese wines including:

A brief history of Portuguese winemaking.
Tasting techniques and other tips for enjoying wine.
The Portuguese table wines, districts and grapes;
Port wine – the Portuguese legacy….Madeira and Moscatel.

By the end of the course a total of 16 table wines and ports will be tasted aiding your understanding and enriching your experience. Each day we will be tasting the wines on their own and then with lunch giving you a chance to put your new skills to the test.

120 Euros per person. Includes tasting wine, two lunches and a course certificate

Don't miss it - book now - 282 320260 or e-mail:-

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Valentine's Quiz Answers

1. Which city is described as ‘the most romantic city in the world’? Paris

2. What is the traditional flower associated with St Valentine’s Day? Roses

3. In a recent poll, which film was voted the most romantic film of all time? Titanic

4. Who stars in the film ‘ Shirley Valentine’? Pauline Collins

5. Which building in New York lights up a red heart on St Valentine’s Day? Empire State Building

6. When Valentine’s day falls on a leap year, what are women traditionally said to be allowed do? Propose

7. Which female actress stars in the romantic comedy ‘When Harry met Sally?’ Meg Ryan

8. What actor starred in the romantic comedy ‘Sleepless in Seattle’? Tom Hanks

9. The film ‘Casanova’ is set in which Italian city? Venice

10. What is the term when a male and female each pay for their own meals on a date? Going Dutch
11. What famous play did Shakespeare write which featured two ‘star crossed lovers’ and ended up being a tragic love story? Romeo and Juliet

12. How many red roses would usually be sent in a bunch of flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day? 12

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Happy Birthday Raj at Garbe

Ten years have passed since we first opened the doors of the Raj Indian Restaurant. On 28th February, the Raj will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

A continuing success story, its short history includes a Guiness World Record, Cookery Demonstrations, a thriving Privilege Club, numerous theatre dinners, many musical evenings, Charity BBQ’s and Hunger Lunches to name just a few.

To celebrate we are offering complimentary wine to all diners in the Restaurant between 15th February and 15th March.

Celebrate with us -to book please call 282 320260

Monday, 11 February 2008

Thank you for your comments

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to compliment the staff at the Hotel Garbe following the four weeks that my wife and I spent at the Hotel from 5th January, 2008 to 2nd February, 2008.

Having spent three weeks at the Hotel Garbe in January 2007, we knew that we could expect very courteous and efficient treatment from the staff, but this year they surpassed all our expectations. I cannot praise them all too highly. The reception staff were helpful, efficient and friendly, the waiters in the Restaurant and Bar were marvellous, and the maid Rita was absolutely superb. The food was well up to the standard we remember from last year and all in all we had a most enjoyable and relaxing holiday. I would also add that areas like the Pool and Terrace were always kept clean and tidy, in line with the rest of the Hotel.

I must however add a special thanks to everyone who was involved in creating a wonderful evening for my wife's birthday on 24th January. The staff really made the evening special for her in so many ways such as providing Champagne, a beautiful Birthday Cake and special printed Menu Cards with "Happy Birthday Wendy" on them.

In summary we had a wonderful holiday, my daughter and her partner who joined us for a week also had a marvellous time and I could not let all this pass without just writing to express my thanks.

Thank you all once again. We are already looking forward to our holiday at the "Garbe" in 2009.

Yours very sincerely

Ken Dagnall

From our Golf Desk

Helen and Jane:
On behalf of all 4 golfers from Saskatoon, Canada I would like to thank you for your help and assistance you have given us during our stay at the Hotel Garbe.

We certainly will recommend your property to friends and family who are planning to visit the Algarve.

Rooms, customer service, meals, location, front desk and golfing were all first class.

Take care

Friday, 8 February 2008

Days Out - Neolithic and Chalcolithic Settlements in the Algarve

Alcalar near Portimao

In the third millennium BC, the focal point of the territory stretching from north from the Alvor inlet to the foothills of the Monchique range was a settlement measuring over 10 hectares located at the end of a once navigable section of the Torre river.

This settlement stood on a hillock next to what is now Alcalar, some five kilometres from Mexilhoeira Grande, in the Portimão area and in the midst of the Algarve’s barrocal (limestone coastal strip).

Other inhabited sites grew up around this central settlement and around eighteen megalithic tombs were built in different groups on the surrounding low hills, forming a necropolis with a wide range of architectural styles.

Monuments 7 and 9 of the necropolis have been prepared for museum purposes and can be visited, although the latter is still being excavated. Monuments 1-4 are located on state-owned property and can also be visited.

More information at

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Coming Up - AFPOP Events

AFPOP Alcantarilha - Coffee meetings: Hotel Garbe, Armação de Pera
21st and 27th February 11am to 3pm,

AFPOP Alcantarilha evening meal and chat (€18.50 per person)

28th February 7 for 7.30pm,

To book or from more information please contact:

Carole Fairs
Tel. 282 312 079
mob 966 571 639

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Photography Competition - January, 2008 Winner

We asked Adrian Bell an experienced wedding and portrait photographer to decide on the winning photograph - our congratulations to Mr. George Birnie - who has won a weekend for two in the Hotel Garbe for his entry taken on the beach of in front of the Hotel on Christmas Day, 2007.

Adrians' comments
This is a well exposed image with strong attractive christmas colours in a balanced composition. All the fun of christmas on the beach in the sun and warmth of Armacao de Pera. Who could resist the attraction of palm trees, the sandy beach and sun shades as the backdrop to a traditional Santa and Presents normally associated with snow and frost.

Adrian also commended two other entries:

Adrians' comments
Image of a beautiful sunset but a poorly framed shot with unsightly objects in the foreground.

Adrians' comments
Image of a dog lying by a fishing boat. This was a much better composition which has eliminated any unneccessary clutter but the exposure is not balanced. It needed a touch of "fill-in" flash on the dog and netting to balance the extreme sunlight on top of the boat.

Our thanks to everyone who participate in our January Competition - all the entries can be seen here.

Adrian Bell is an experienced wedding and portrait photographer and is Director of Hi-ImpactPhotography.Com here in the Algarve. The company specialises in Commercial Images for the Real Estate industry creating high quality photography that sells property.

We are looking forward to receiving the Entries for the February competition - closing date - 29th February. For more information please click here

Monday, 4 February 2008

Bank Holidays in Portugal 2008

Tuesday, 1st January - New Year Day

Tuesday, 5th February - Carnival

Friday, 21st March - Good Friday

Sunday, 23rd March - Easter Day

Friday, 25th April - Dia da Liberdade

Thursday, 1st May - Dia do Trabalhador

Tuesday, 10th June - Dia de Portugal

Friday, 15th August - Assunção de Nª Senhora

Sunday, 5th October - Implementação da Republica

Thursday 1st November - All Saints Day

Monday, 1st December - Restauração da Independência.

Monday, 8th December - Imaculada Conceição

Thursday, 25th December - Christmas Day

Carnival Celebrations at the Hotel - 2nd February, 2008

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Roma Golf Park - Mini Golf Course

Choose between two 18 hole rounds of mini golf in a special spacious Roman setting.
The design is all rather glamorous, with fountains, lakes and landscaped gardens.

There's also a clubhouse designed in an ancient Rome style with an attractive terrace where all the family can sit and eat snacks and try one of our special ice creams.

They have weekly competitions here at Roma Golf too, if you fancy your chances!

All the family will find something to entertain here, with a play area for the tots, table games in the clubhouse, and a free miniature golf area where children under 10 can play with acompanying adults.

Great family fun.

Located right in the centre of Vilamoura and only about five minutes walk from the Marina.

Roma Golf Park, Caixa Postal 927, 8125 Vilamoura, Algarve. Tel: 289 30 08 00.

Winter Workshops - Computer Training - February Dates

Enjoy your specialised computer training on location at the Hotel Garbe!

Go on – dive in and freshen up those I.T. skills!

One Day Course: Morning - 3 hours + Lunch - 90 euros
Lunch (included) 12:00–13:30
All Day - 6 hours + Lunch - 149 euros

Course Dates:

Wednesday, 20thFebruary,2008 – Internet and Basic Computing
Thursday, 21st February,2008 – Internet and Basic Computing
Friday, 22nd February,2008 – Word Level 1

Price Includes: Training by MS Master Instructor
Protech Training Proficiency Certificate

For more information/booking:
Kehren Dalton

Tel: 282 083751 or

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Ceramics Exhibition in Silves

From 1st February until 1st April visit the Municipal Museum of Archaelogy in Silves where they have a 15th and 16th Century Ceramics Exhibition.